Send Flowers From USA to Canada 50 Farm Fresh Farmer... deliver flowers from us to calgary

Send Flowers From USA to Canada 50 Farm Fresh Farmer...

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We are the rose experts. The farmer’s choice includes two colors selected from our farm. Rose delivery straight from our family farm to your loved ones. Get the fresh roses at the best prices by doing business directly with a family run rose farm. Every order is carefully cut and packed only after the order is placed insuring you only get the freshest roses. Our roses are great for weddings, anniversaries, and all your special occasions. We deliver Tuesday through Friday from our farm. Please keep in mind that in order to ensure fresh and safe delivery a signature is required upon delivery.

Please note that your order will arrive with two bunches of 25 roses each. It may look like 12 roses when viewed from the top however there are two layers of roses when opened.

If you place your order by 8pm PST on the last order day below your roses will be delivered on the corresponding delivery day.

  • Place Order On: Saturday, Sunday
    • Delivery: Thursday
  • Place Order On: Monday
    • Delivery: Friday
  • Place Order On: Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday
    • Delivery: Tuesday
  • Place Order On: Friday
    • Delivery: Wednesday

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send us a message. We’ll get back to you right away.

FRESH FARMERS CHOICE ROSE DELIVERY straight from our family farm to your loved one!
FRESHEST AND MOST BEAUTIFUL long stem farmer’s choice roses you can buy on Amazon
HIGHEST QUALITY since our farmer’s choice roses are hand picked and cut only after you place your order
BEST VALUE because you are doing business directly with a family farm

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